Enterprise Face Recognition

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Eliminate need for fingerprint scaner

Seure your office with our solution eliminate long queues and unneeded scanners.

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Enterprise Face Recognition.

Very ofern big companies have issues as infron of entery at start of worktime and end a big queues formes up our solution, is enableming to remove uncecesary security measures like fingerprit scaners

Our teams have worked with deep learning to find solution facial recognition

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After all we found it!

Found the solution and implement on the real-time stream video is the big things!

We enable to you to do fastr face recognition in next cases:

  • - We want to have check in/check out systems that run automatically without or less operated by humans.
  • - Each time check in/check out, we need a sign (sound or something) that notify user that check in/check out is success
  • - System can detect non-authorized person enter the restricted area/working place and give alarm to incharge person
  • - System can detect in many environment conditions: flash, dark...
  • - System can assign/update by config/web app for who can go/access where fast and easily.
  • - System can give access to authorized people only to restricted areas(private room, warehouse, odc...)
  • - Incase of fail detection, the system needs to detect people who fail authorized only.
  • - System can detect a person who wears a hat?
  • - Can the system detect a person with a mask on?
  • - System needs to notify the related person about not checking in/out in a day.
  • - System can calculate the time which person is in the working area.
  • - System can integrate with leave request management.
  • - System can update person access rights easily
  • - System can generate the report about total time in working zone of one employee in a day/week/month/quarter/years
  • - System can detect employees with/without glasses?
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