Labeling tool
for image segmentation

Higher performance for stupid labeling images with our tool

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using labeling tool

A simple tool for labeling object bounding boxes in images, implemented in JS.

WLT is a graphical image annotation tool. It is written in JS and uses your brwose for its graphical interface.

Annotations are saved as XML files in PASCAL VOC format, the format used by ImageNet. Besides, it also supports YOLO format

Whenever we begin a machine learning project, the first thing that we need is a dataset. Dataset will be the pillar of your training model. You can build the dataset either automatically or manually. Here I am going to share about the manual process.

What is the dataset?

Dataset is the collection of specific data for your ML project needs. The type of data depends

on the kind of AI you need to train. Basically, you have two datasets:

  1. 1) Training
  2. 2) Testing

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Labeling easy way
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