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Why Machine Learning? Python, SQL, Scikit-Learn, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, NLP, Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning

Machine Learning is definitely one of the hottest fields to get into today. It may sound intimidating, but don't worry - Welles School has designed the course to be accessible to nearly everyone. We'll hand you all the fundamentals to become a qualified Data Analyst or Machine Learning Engineer with Python, TensorFlow, SQL, Deep Neutral Networks - all you need to bring is passion, motivation, and commitment. This course is intensive, full-time, and held on-campus. You'll be in class from 10AM-6PM, Monday to Friday, for the 12 weeks, with optional weekend sessions.

What You'll Learn Over twelve weeks, you'll learn a lot. You'll be coding every day, all day. Here we've broken down some of the main concepts you'll be learning. For more information, apply today, and we'll send you a detailed syllabus of all that you'll learn.


  • Google Colab
  • Markdown
  • Git
  • Using the CLI
  • Coding Conventions
  • Web Scraping with Beautiful Soup
  • Relational Databases
  • PostgreSQL / psycopg2
  • Feature Extraction and Feature Engineering
  • Google Data Studio for Dashboards/Visualization
  • Pandas

You'll need two things to be a successful machine learning engineer: a solid understanding of data, and a solid grasp of Python. (The advanced math is the easy part!) In this module, you'll be working hard on becoming fluent with Python.

02 CLASSICAL MACHINE LEARNING Linear and Logistic Regression

  • Bag of Words
  • TF-IDF
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Random Forests and Decision Trees
  • Support Vector Machines
  • K-Nearest Neighbors
  • Bagging and Boosting

The classics never go out of style. In this module, you'll learn the statistical approaches, with firm grounding in mathematics, that have been powering A.I. for decades - but you'll be able to code them in minutes. (Okay, maybe hours.) You'll cover the basics of how to handle different types of numbers and text to handle prediction, classification, and clustering in both supervised and unsupervised learning.

03 DEEP LEARNING Hyper-parameter Tuning

  • TensorFlow 2.0
  • OpenCV
  • CNNs / RNNs
  • Generative Adversarial Networks
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Flask

Finally, you're ready to take A.I. to the next level. With a solid understanding of programming, mathematics, and critical reasoning - you're ready to learn more about Neural Networks and Deep Learning. Your weapon of choice will be TensorFlow 2.0, one of the most open-source libraries, as you tackle difficult problems like Computer Vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep working while attending the program?

Our full-time course requires a 100% commitment from you. Or you can choose from our part-time courses.

What are the dates and locations of class?

Classes will be held at Welles School,. Please visit our locations and schedule page for more details. Classes are held from Monday to Friday from 10 AM – 6 PM for 3 months. Or you can opt for part-time courses, from 6 PM - 9 PM for 6 months.

I’m an employer, how can I hire one of your graduates or become an employer partner?

We’re so glad you asked. If you’re interested in partnering with our bootcamp or accessing our student portal, please contact us via. A member of our career services team will get in touch with you in soon :).

What are the unique benefits of this type of boot camp?

We offer a part-time program that allows working professionals to study without leaving work. Students benefit from a robust set of professional development services to prepare them for success as they work to advance or change careers. Our curriculum is built based on the most in-demand technologies specific to the technology field.

Do you provide career planning support?

Yes, at Welles School we provide 100% job support after graduation.

How many Teaching Assistants are in each class?

1-2 TAs per class

Depend on each course, we will have various scholarships. Please check the Scholarship page for more details. We also offer early registration pricing and payment plans. Please call our admissions advisor a to get details on tuition cost and any available loans.

Do I need to hold an undergraduate degree to be eligible for the program?

No, the only requirement is that you be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma.

Do I need to bring my own computer?

Yes, a reliable laptop is required for this course. Laptops can be Mac or PC, with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a dual-core processor. If you’re unsure if your laptop meets the requirements, please check with our admissions advisor first and they will make sure you’re good to go.

What criteria do you look for in potential students applying to the program?

We believe the main criterion for success in our program is your passion and commitment to succeed. Learning web development is difficult and requires hours of hard work, and we look for applicants who are determined and willing to give the program their all in order to achieve life-changing results. Is there an application process?

How do I get started?

Our program has an application process and is not open enrollment. Once a prospective student fills out the form or calls our admissions department, they will go through an initial phone interview with an Advisor.

How many students per class?

You will learn everything in English. However, our Teaching Assistants are capable of communicating fluently in both English and Vietnamese.

We aim for a class size of 20-25 students to offer the right balance between community and personal attention.

Will I need to purchase books?

No, all that is needed for class is your laptop and the eagerness to learn.

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