welles blockchain

Blockchain we use as a way for payment in our system WEK coin. For STO we'll use token based on our blockchain i.e. WEN token. There is already a lot of information considering blockchain so we will not give more. We leave this to our educational and academic work.

    Blockchain will host payments and also defines our currency, which will be emitted in a limited amount. This will have consequence that payment will always be calculated in FIAT currency as we need to consider inflation and more importantly deflation of our token. Payments will be processed using our coin and all services should be charged in FIAT currency because we will emit a limited number of coins, and we can only guarantee a bottom price in our service usage. We will convert our tokens to FIAT currency at the actual current rate and this will be done for every payment.

    Based on our private blockchain we have WEN token which is representing profits that Welles will make i.e. 1 WEN = 1 minute of our service we use it on top of our system as we need blockchain with battle tested functionalities which is used to add layer of security to our users and to make it hardly hackable by hackers.

    The reason for this decision is that is our business focus and the fact that we work with banks. We need to offer the most stable and battle tested platform.