• New patent made by GM is using blockchain as a way to improve their navigation maps.

    GM patents idea is to have a continuous updating navigation map. These updates will happen as results from vehicle sensors and staore data in blockchain DB reulting with reliable map for future autonomous vehicles.

    They submited their patent on Oct. 1, 2018 and it was published on April 2, 2020, they clame that existing maps are “difficult to keep dynamic without incurring large costs.” One of reasons they for this is that there is a need for special kind of cars that are used as source of thruth.

    Idea that GM had is as Blockchain is made to work in trustless environment, they will use it here and distribue to all their newly produced vehicles, as tech necesary is quite cheap and then they can collect data about their surroundings through sensors while drivers simply drive around.

    All detected deltas are sent to a blockchain network which has full map. The changes are then treated as a “candidate transaction” and validated if other vehicles detect same changes.

    Idea to distribute the map generation process should speed up the manufacturer's efforts to map most of U.S.A.

    Advatige of this system is possibilty to distribute the map generation process and allowing multiple vendors to contribute to a single map.

    GM has in October last year, tested a blockchain-based payment and identification system for vehicles. GM also in June have invested into one blockchain startup.

    Stay tuned!
    Aleksandar JELIC
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